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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not listed here please feel free to contact us via: info@hinanadhana.com


Can I customize the  jewelry?


Most of our pieces are customizable but it depends on our stock of supplies and the capacity. Custom pieces may charge extra in terms of the materials used. length and type of metal used can usually be changed and/or customized on all of our products.


Wet, sweat and temperature. Should my jewelry be getting in either of these things??

Our pieces are handmade and shouldn't be made wet. Sweat might also change the color of the jewelry and wearing or storing jewelry when you are in direct sunlight or in cold conditions might fade it's color too. It is better not to spray perfume directly on to it.

Shipping, return and Exchange policies.

Shipping by regular post (a small charge for registered post if you need the tracking number) is free worldwide at the moment as an introductory offer. We do not have return policy but you can always feel free to exchange your product(s); we would like to know the reason of exchanging the product so we can improve.